David Barrado — Gods, heroes and constellations: cosmography and myths in Greek ceramics

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24 janvier 2019 @ 14 h 00 min – 15 h 00 min
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Eratosthenes of Cyrene (276-194 BCE) was one of the great scholars of the Hellenistic period. Responsible for the Library of Alexandria, 

he made fundamental contributions in both Astronomy and Geography. Among the legacy he left to us is the work « Catasterisms » 
(From Ancient Greek καταστερισμός (katasterismós, “star legend”, from καταστερίζω or “to place among the stars”) which describes the celestial
 constellations known at that time and are associated with a myth, by  the rise of the protagonist to the heavens. 
However, the process of defining the constellations began much earlier and some have  their origin in Mesopotamia or Phenicia.
The literature of the Archaic and Classic Periods allows us to reconstruct the creation of new constellations based on Hellenic
 myths and trace both the original Greek contributions and the heritage of older cultures. In this talk, I will present a summary of the process.