Marcelo Tucci Maia — Solar Twins: planet-host star chemical connection and chemical evolution of the Galaxy

Quand :
12 septembre 2018 @ 11 h 00 min – 12 h 00 min
Où :
Univers 21
Solar twins are stars that have spectra very similar to the Sun, with effective temperature, surface gravity and metallicity around solar values. This similarity allow us to determine very precise stellar parameters and chemical abundances (~0.01 dex), that makes possible the investigation of effects that can imprint subtle changes in the chemical pattern of a star, for example planet engulfments. 
Also, the high precision atmospheric parameters that can be derived for these objects permit us a reliable determination of their ages using a traditional isochrone method which, in association with the abundances determination, can bring many benefits to studies of the chemical evolution of the Galaxy.
I will talk about the differential method, and discuss about past and recent works on the planet-host star chemical connection and the chemical evolution of the Galaxy.