Pascal Jagourel : MOSAIC, a multi-object spectrographs for the ELT

Quand :
14 mars 2018 @ 11 h 00 min – 12 h 00 min
Où :
Univers 21

The workhorse instruments of the current 8-10m class observatories are multi-object spectrographs (MOS), providing comprehensive follow-up of ground-based and space-borne imaging data. With the advent of even deeper imaging surveys from, e.g., HST, VISTA, JWST and Euclid, many science cases require complementary spectroscopy with high sensitivity and good spatial resolution to identify the objects and to measure their astrophysical parameters. The light-gathering power of the 39m ELT and its spatial resolution, combined with a MOS, will enable the large samples necessary to tackle some of the key scientific drivers of the ELT project, ranging from studies of stellar populations out to the highest-redshift galaxies. Consequently, a MOS-facility is foreseen within the ELT instrumentation plan.

I will first and briefly describe MOSAIC prominent Science Cases and, then, enter into some details of the instrument conceptual design as available now at the end of phase A. I will discuss the present management of the project and will describe the way we are foreseeing the fabrication phase including the design phase towards the Final Design Review (FDR).

I will end the presentation by listing the main issues that are pending now and will have to be sorted out before Phase B starts (January 2019).