Séminaire Arnaud Pierres : Evolution of planets in self-gravitating circumbinary discs

Quand :
12 avril 2017 @ 11 h 00 min
Où :
Salle Univers 22

To date, ten circumbinary planets orbiting around a close main sequence binary have beed detected by the Kepler space mission. Most of these planets are located just outside the limit of dynamical stability, in a region where gravitational perturbations from the central binary make their in-situ formation very challenging. This suggests that circumbinary planets may have formed further out in the disc and moved to their current positions by disc-driven migration. In the context of this scenario, the orbital configuration of circumbinary planets is determined through the interaction with the circumbinary disc, which develops an inner cavity and becomes eccentric due to the interaction with the central binary. Understanding what physics shape the disc structure is therefore a crucial issue to explain the current orbital architecture of the Kepler circumbinary planets. To this aim, I will present the results of a recent study that investigates the impact of self-gravity on the evolution and structure of circumbinary discs, as well as the evolution of planets in these discs. I will also discuss the effect of disc warping that arises when the disc and orbital plane of the central binary are slightly misaligned.