François Boulanger: The Planck view at the magnetized dusty interstellar medium

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28 mars 2018 @ 11 h 00 min – 12 h 00 min
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Observations of Galactic dust are a highlight and a lasting legacy of the Planck space mission.
Spectacular images combining the intensity of dust emission with the texture derived
from polarization data have received world-wide attention and become part of the general scientific
knowledge. Beyond this popular success, the dust maps are an immense step forward
for Galactic astrophysics, greatly superseding earlier observations. Planck has provided us with the data 
needed to statistically characterize the structure of the Galactic magnetic field and its coupling with 
interstellar matter and turbulence. Planck multi-frequency observations have also opened a new perspective 
on interstellar dust, upsetting existing models. Futrhermore, the astrophysics of dust emission has 
become inter-connected to a paramount objective of observational cosmology: the quest for curl-like 
(B-mode) polarization of the cosmic microwave background expected to arise from primordial 
gravitational waves produced during the inflation era in the very early Universe. I will introduce 
these science topics and highlight key results and perspectives of on-going research.

Francois Boulanger
Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France