Romane le Gal – Chemistry of planet-forming disks

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30 avril 2021 @ 11 h 00 min – 12 h 00 min
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Title: Unraveling the chemistry of planet-forming disks in the ALMA era
Speaker: Dr. Romane Le Gal (CNES post-doctoral researcher, IRAP)

Abstract: Over the past decades, questions on the origins and prevalence of life on planets have shifted from metaphysical questions to hot research topics in astrophysics. The latest generation of high-sensitivity telescopes has provided access to the cradles of star and planet formation at unprecedented spatial and spectral resolutions, making it possible to study the chemical evolution of interstellar matter from molecular clouds to forming planetary systems. A key question in this context is to assess how much of the pre-stellar molecular composition survives and becomes incorporated into planets. Or, conversely, how much nascent planets are affected by chemical reprocessing that occur in their birth environments, i.e. in planet-forming disks around young stars. Indeed, these disks are exposed to energetic radiations and undergo strong dynamical phenomena such as planet formation, which may substantially alter their chemical inventory. In this talk I will present how my research combines observations and astrochemical modeling fed by theoretical and experimental studies to 1) better understand and characterize the chemistry of these disks, 2) start disentangling between chemical inheritance and chemical reprocessing in planet-forming disks, and 3) identify chemical signatures of planet formation.