Donghui Quan – Modelling Interstellar Prebiotic Molecules: Hydroxylamine (NH2OH), Cyanamide (NH2CN), and Carbodiimide (HNCNH)

Quand :
16 mai 2023 @ 11 h 00 min – 12 h 30 min
Où :
B18N, Salle Chandon (306)

Speaker : Donghui Quan (Zhejiang Laboratory)

Title:  Modelling Interstellar Prebiotic Molecules: Hydroxylamine (NH2OH), Cyanamide (NH2CN), and Carbodiimide (HNCNH)


Interstellar molecules, commonly referred to as molecules found in the interstellar medium and circumstellar shells, have had around 300 molecules identified thus far (Müller et al., 2023). Over a third of these molecules are complex organic molecules, also known as COMs, revealing a broad range of complex chemistry found in various astronomical sources. Additionally, some interstellar molecules, particularly organic ones, act as precursors for biological molecules like amino acids and nucleosides, which astrophysicists find fascinating. These molecules are called prebiotic molecules and are primarily detected in star-forming areas, as well as quiescent clouds with nearby shocks.

Our research project utilizes computer-assisted modelling using chemical kinetics rate equations. We focus on hydroxylamine (NH2OH), cyanamide (NH2CN), and carbodiimide (HNCNH) isomers, which are known to act as precursors to amino acids or nucleosides. Our models provide an insight into the physical environments and associated chemical/physical processes of these species and related molecules. We identify primary formation and destruction reactions, optimal physical conditions for detecting these molecules, and related molecules. All these information may help with our understanding of astrochemistry in interstellar space, and enrich our knowledge of the complexity of the universe.