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The SWI instrument (Submillimeter Wave Instrument) has been selected by ESA in 2013 as one of the payload instruments for the european JUICE mission (L1 ESA mission) to explore Jupiter and its system (launch scheduled in 2022, arrival in 2030). This instrument is a submillimeter wave sounder using two channels (600 GHZ and 1200 Ghz) in order to study the atmospheres of Jupiter and its satellites (composition, structure and dynamics), as well as satellite surfaces. It has been developped by a european consortium led by the Max Planck Institute in Göttingen (PI Paul Hartogh, contributions to hardware, software and science). In France, the Observatoire de Paris (LESIA and LERMA institutes, contributions to hardware and science) and OASU (LAB institute, contributions to software and science) are involved.


In France, the preparation of the flight phase of this instrument is done within the frame of a « general utility service », which ensures the contribution of specialists dedicating part of their research time for the achievement of the project. This task is shared between the Observatoire de Paris and OASU. The contribution of OASU consists presently of two parts :

  • the preparation of the instrument calibration, on ground and in flight
  • the preparation of the scientific observations, in particular by the development of an observing planner software

A second phase will contribute to data aquisition, reduction and archiving.


Contact : Françoise Billebaud (ASP team)

Other contributors : Fabrice Herpin (FS team), Sylvia Lopez (ASP team)

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