GENeration and Evolution of Structure in the InterStellar medium (GENESIS)


The formation of stars is intimately linked to the structure and evolution of molecular clouds in the interstellar medium (ISM). We propose to explore this link with a new approach by combining farinfrared maps of dust (Herschel) and cooling lines (C+ with SOFIA) with molecular line maps.

Dedicated analysis tools will be used and developed to analyse the maps and compare them to
simulations in order to identify for the underlying physical processes.

This joint project relies on the complementary expertise of the members of the Cologne KOSMA group (structure identification methods and SOFIA), the Bordeaux LAB star formation group (Herschel and spectro-imaging maps) , and the Bordeaux GeoStat team of INRIA institute (experts in nonlinear methods for the analysis of complex systems).

Scientific contact : Sylvain Bontemps

Dates: 2017 – 2021